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Let’s Talk about ELF Sydney

Every new parent will be excited to see their baby born, and they will try to find all their baby’s needs to support their life-long parenthood journey. One of the high-ranked new parents’ essential items will be a diaper or nappy bag.

Finding a stylish yet practical nappy bag is easier said than done, so we established our ELF SYDNEY bags store to support every parent’s needs. We were also new parents in December 2018 and found ourselves overwhelmed with the needs
of a baby. After 3 years of careful research and our own experience with parenthood, we feel the necessity to improve the nappy bags available in the market by considering the followings:
– model: you will find all sorts of sizes and shapes in our collection,
– material: we know water-resistant and vegan-friendly fabrics fit for environmental sustainability, 
– function: every parent wants to have many features and compact while having enough room to store essential items and staying organised, 
– style: even if you are not a parent yet and want a bag that fits in with your rotation of existing wardrobe essentials, you can still carry the bag to your work, school or even to a picnic, and 
– brand: we carefully select the name of each style of our branded bag to make it more personal to you while listing every feature for each style.
Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing a bag, and this is why we present our bags to the public based on parents’ and your recommendation. Your invaluable feedback and support to our bags surely assist other parents or even other groups in meeting their needs. As parents who want to support their babies, we want to support you with your needs. At last, we hope that you find what you are looking for.




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